A Deauxs of Self-Care:

  • Setting intentions surrounding your wellness. What do you owe yourself? Time? Attention? Compassion? There's no perfect formula to create solace, only actionable steps coupled with good intentions. So, let's start here.
    • 1. Cleo Sol "Rose In The Dark" 
    • 2. Jane Handcock "Good Day" 
    • 3. Dreamville, Ari Lennox, Bas, Baby Rose "Self-Love"
    • 4. Ayah The Light "Good Vibes"
    • 5. Savannah Cristina "Self-Care"

A Deauxs Of : Manifestation

  • A time to identify yourself. The beautiful thing about evolution is that you are allowed to choose who you want to be. Speak over your life in the affirmative as you navigate this winding road of self-discovery.
    • 6. Iyamah "Home" 
    • 7. Ledisi "Pieces Of Me" 
    • 8. TEMS "Free Mind"
    • 9. Liyah Dalani "Higher Self"
    • 10. India Arie ”Strength, Courage + Wisdom"

A Deauxs Of : Expression

  • Once you’ve discovered who you are, how do you express yourself? Stand boldly knowing that you've done the hard work that has lead to self-discovery. Feels good, doesn't it?
    • 11. Toni Jones “Energy Budget" 
    • 12. SZA "Good Day" 
    • 13. Beyonce "Flawless"
    • 14. Destiny’s Child “So Good”
    • 15. Mary J Blige “Just Fine”

A Deauxs Of : Confidence

  • Are you comfortable in your skin? Are you ready to love? Does your confidence glow from within? It's time to seal the deal with a personal stamp of approval.
    • 16. Jhene Aiko "Speak" 
    • 17. Amel Larrieux “For Real" 
    • 18. Solange “Cranes In the Sky”
    • 19. Oshun "Me"
    • 20. H.E.R. "As I Am"

A Deauxs Of : Healing

  • Ebb and flow. That's the cycle. You don’t have to be depressed, angry or struggling to need a DEAUXS of healing. Sometimes, it’s simply the process of giving yourself the time to breathe. Taking an inward inventory to assess and address the people, [laces and things that have contributed to your journey.
    • 21. Chloe + Halle "Baptize" 
    • 22. Jamila Woods "Holy" 
    • 23. Natalie Lauren "Just Breathe"
    • 24. Zilo, Austin Marc "Inhale/Exhale"

A Deauxs Of : Gratitude

  • A Deaux of you, now. You’ve made it through this part of your journey. You've come to know who you really are. You know what excites you. You Know what you need to work on. You know to heal. You’ve made it. This is your moment . This is your story, and you have written it.
    • 25. Sophia Rayne "Intuition" 
    • 26. Teyana Taylor "Made It" 
    • 27. Giveon "World We Created"
    • 28. Nicki Minaj "Moment For Life"
    • 29. David Michael Wyatt "Prosper"
    • 30. Toni Jones "I See Thoughts"

Social Status.

1. Journaling

2. ​Cooking

3. Time With Friends

4. Spa Day

5. Outdoors

6. Aromatherapy 

7. Meditation 

We want to see your self-care in action. HASHTAG: #DeauxsLifestyle.

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